Terms of Service


Please read over our terms of service before you order


By accepting to work with us by making your first payment you are in agreement with these terms.



We work from our house and have multiple rabbits and a cat. They are kept outside of the workroom, however, dander and fur can still make its way into the room due to their proximity.



Salty Bunny Costumes does not give out quotes. Instead, commissions are to be taken on offer basis. See our base pricing page for minimum offer amount per each commission type. When Making an offer please provide a 2-3 sided ref sheet of the design you would like to commission as well as the commission type and your money offer. The more complex the design, the higher your offer should be. 

**A complexity chart with min prices will be made before the next opening to help you make a proper offer according to the complexity of your design.**




You must be over the age of 18 to enter an agreement with us. NO EXCEPTIONS. An ID must be presented via email or telegram to confirm both your age and identity. Suits will be completed in the order they were received (all items are first paid, first served). You do understand that you are ordering a one of a kind, hand made piece of art made by an artist. They may and can contain imperfections, flaws and inconsistencies.  

You must first send in your ref and money offer to be considered for a commission.

You must make your first payment immediately after being accepted in order to secure your commission slot on our queue. 

Once your commission has been accepted, your order is final. Be 100% sure with what you want before placing your order. We won't allow any changes to be made after the order is made. Please clarify any extras or details you would like during the quote process.



The fit of your costume strongly relies on your DTD being made correctly and the requested measurements being accurate. Head bases are outsourced from Chickaspree (our official base maker). To ensure your head fits properly you must provide Chickaspree with the correct measurements. We are not responsible for poor sizing if you provide a poor DTD or incorrect head measurements.

Your DTD must be made with a painters suit and durable duct tape.

You must send your DTD in order for work to be started on your commission. The longer it takes to receive the DTD, the longer the delay.




To make a DTD you will need a painters suit, paper towels, and 3-6 rolls of duct tape. During the entire taping process your feet should be just over shoulder width apart and your arms should be directly outward in a T pose. (use a shelf or a tall chair to help hold up your arms). 


  1. Put on the painter's suit and gather where the extra material of the painter's suit is and tape over it with a few strips in each baggy area (if any) to make it fitted to the actual shape of your body.

  2. Next you will wrap your left foot in paper towel and begin taping all around your foot using strips of duct tape and lead up the ankle to the leg using a cross hatch pattern with the tape. Do the same with your right leg but start at the ankle instead. You do not need to tape the right foot.

  3. Continue the cross hatch tape pattern all over the body. Please make sure to not make it too tight or too loose. The wearer should be able to breathe comfortably

  4. Once you start taping the arms make sure you are taping them in a T pose 90 degrees from your body. Wrap Your wrists and part of your hands with paper towel and  tape all the way to the thumb knuckles.

  5. Mark your elbows, knees, beltline and tailbone and then carefully cut the DTD down the arms, legs and middle just enough to allow the wearer to exit.

  6.  You then will retape the DTD after cutting yourself out of it. If your DTD isn't retaped together, you will be charged a $50 fee for the time to prep it. Once the dtd is finished please write your name and associated username/character name.


You do not need a DTD if your commission does not involve a bodysuit



USD currency only. All payments through Square.


A 30% NON-REFUNDABLE down payment is required to confirm your commission spot as discussed. We also offer payment plans if needed. These are paid in installments. You must make a payment of $500 or more in a discussed plan until month prior to completion. The total needs to be paid in full within 3 months time. A late fee will be added each time a payment is late. If you miss 2 payments in a row, your commission will automatically be cancelled. NO EXCEPTIONS. Nothing is started on until the costume is paid in full. 

If you wish to pay off your balance in one large payment, please let us know. We prefer this option.

A sales tax of 8.25% will be charged to the purchaser at time of purchase for all goods and services within Texas.




There is no refund on the initial 30% deposit. Once the costume is completed, there is no refund option. If the commission was cancelled during production the refund may vary on how much progress and time was invested. We hold the right to refuse and refund in full at our own discretion. 



We do not accept deadlines.

The average wait time while commissioning Salty Bunny Costumes is 1- 6 months after the final payment is received. I will state at each opening when the slots are due to be completed by. Ask at the time of, or before, commissioning to see how many people are in the queue and what the current predicted wait time is. 



100% of the rights to the commissioned costume remains with Salty Bunny Costumes and can be used however we wish. We may post or distribute commissioned work online and make digital or hard copies for promotion or sale. Permission is not required from the client. 



Shipping costs are an additional charge when the suit is completed. Costs may vary and one should expect to pay anywhere from $50-$150 within the US. International could be as much as $300. Please keep in mind, Salty Bunny Costumes has the right to select shipping methods and carriers. Salty Bunny Costumes is NOT responsible for any lost or damaged product. ALL overseas will be handled through USPS. Once you have received your package, we are NOT responsible for any shipping costs on returned items. Client is responsible for all shipping costs. If you wish for a con delivery (if we are attending) or a local pick up , a fee must be paid before the item can be delivered.



Any initial faults of ours upon receiving the costume we will gladly fix immediately. If the problem was announced publicly before you personally informed me, I reserve the right not to participate in its resolution and the conflict will be automatically closed. I will only negotiate directly with the client. I will not communicate with any third parties. 

Large repairs/modifications are case by case projects. We will quote you for the repairs before you ship and reassess after it arrives if damage appears to be more than originally claimed or shown. You will be charged for the repairs once we have received the damaged piece. Repairs will not begin until paid for. Shipping is to be paid by the buyer both ways. In cases that it is determined to be the fault of Salty Bunny Costumes, we will cover the shipping cost to send it back to you. Any alterations that were not done by us will void all future repair options (excluding minor sewing).Please make sure your costume is CLEAN before returning it to us. 



We have the right to cancel a commission at any time for any reason.  A client may cancel their commission at any time. The balance (minus the down payment) can be refunded. We reserve the right to complete a cancelled project any way we choose and sell it at auction.

Reason for cancellations include, but are not limited to: Failure to make payments, loss of contact for over 60 days, Slander of company and/or affiliates, general breach of contract etc.



Our costumes come with a 2 month warranty on any mistakes done by us. After two months any repairs will be covered with a small cost based on what work is needed. The only repairs not covered under warranty are damages caused by abuse or normal wear and tear. Any modifications NOT done by us will automatically void your warranty and any future repairs. Should you ever have an issue with your costume, please contact us right away.



These costumes are hot. You understand that vision, ventilation, and dexterity will be lower when wearing the costume. We are not responsible for any injury, medical emergency, or illness that may occur while wearing the costume. It is up to you to be responsible about you and your surroundings while in costume. Wear at your own risk. Cleanliness and normal wear and tear of your costume are the responsibility of you, the client.


Do keep in mind that you are commissioning us for a handmade item. There may be minor flaws present. 


 Salty Bunny Costumes reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or cancel a commission at any time.